Do you know all the misunderstandings of smart locks?

1. biometrics, iris and Facebook recognition are more burglarproof.

Intelligent lock of biometrics has the advanced stage of other technology. Today, when science and technology are more and more advanced, its advanced nature is also more and more challenged. The technology of fingerprint and other biological characteristics reproduction is more and more simple. The use of biometrics technology to prevent theft is nothing. That is to say, the tangible encryption and decryption technology urgently needs the support of the new advanced technology, and its security is still unreliable without the application of the new technology.

2. the higher the mechanical lock core, the higher the security.

China's current definition of anti-theft lock two important indicators: first, anti-technical opening time; second, anti-destructive opening time. These two indicators themselves are no problem, but the problem lies in the testing tool, our country is still using manual testing means to test, of course, it also affects the fairness of the results. This is what many businesses tell you at present is super B level, with the level to replace the performance of the product is the biggest market for consumption fool.

In fact, the anti-theft performance of the mechanical lock core depends on: first, the material of the lock, the tougher the material, the better, second, the structure of the lock core, each structure has its advantages and disadvantages, the combination of several different structures is far better than a single structure, third, the processing accuracy, the higher the accuracy of the better performance. The key is deep and light, with obvious size, clear edges and different patterns. The material is smooth and dense. Quality must be high. A look at the roadside stalls is that the quality of the goods must be problematic.

3. the more functions, the better.

Many businesses have been emphasizing their own powerful functions, so that consumers think the more features the more intelligent locks on the better. The quality of a good intelligent lock depends on its key functions, depending on the user's actual experience. With more functions, more product failures, unstable performance and high uncertainty, the user experience is bound to fail. Except for gimmicks in sales, the redundant and useless functional designs end up consuming patience in final sales.

4., the easier it is to connect with other intelligent terminals, the better.

To some extent, the connection between smart home and other terminals is one of the bases for smart home. The concept of the Internet of things is also being built here. However, all hardware connections should have an absolute standard: security. For example, a smart home connected to a mobile phone needs to rely on a smart terminal such as a mobile phone for manipulation and visualization purposes. However, many smart homes may be accessed by other unauthenticated terminals without proper security considerations. This is particularly frightening for smart door locks. If this happens, the smart door lock is not worth a single mechanical lock. The fact is that many smart door locks do not prevent random access to the same type of door locks.

5. the higher the appearance is, the better the appearance design is.

Impolitely, the domestic intelligent door lock is still in a poor aesthetic state in appearance design. In the current situation of serious homogenization of intelligent door lock, some manufacturers want to invest in the appearance to compensate for the mediocrity of the function, as luxurious and complex as possible.

On the one hand, the redundant design of the appearance reduces the investment in performance and quality itself; on the other hand, even in terms of the appearance itself, the aesthetic level is worrying. Intelligent door lock is installed in different external walls, doors and other environments, different styles and temperaments need to be fully considered. Out of cost considerations, some doors are locked in the appearance of the low investment but hope to "tall on" the return, in return for a lot of incompetent design. The so-called design should be based on "simplicity" and "joking" on locks.

6. foreign brands are better than local brands.

It can not be denied that foreign brands have longer history and more experience in intelligent lock products. However, foreign brand products are always designed for foreign customers, often difficult to meet the "national conditions" of the local consumer groups. For example, the combination of old, middle and young is the member structure of most families in our country. Most products of foreign brands have not considered this point. They only have the way to unlock the locks adapted to the young and middle-aged groups. Old people and children in the family are often at a loss when facing the new way to unlock the locks.

7. no mechanical lock core intelligent lock is safer.

No matter what the lock is, the first priority is to ensure safety. The purpose of intelligent locks must not deviate from this. At present, some manufacturers are trying to abandon the traditional mechanical lock core and switch to full automatic switch. Such a practice is not worth promoting. We can never predict when electronic functions will fail, perhaps in the next second, when blackouts, short-circuiting, electronic cracking, and so on can make the door lock useless at any time. The right way, intelligent lock and mechanical lock double advantages, to create absolute safety. Even if the electronic part fails in emergency, the mechanical lock core can still give the strongest protection.

8. the more intelligent it is, the less convenient it is.

Such a situation may exist in fake and inferior products, which will give consumers such misreading. Many consumers still stay on the fingerprint lock which is often unable to identify, and the sensitive lock which has frequent induction errors. In fact, the intelligent lock has developed to a new height.

9. smart locks are high priced luxury goods.

It's also a misunderstanding. The existence of some high-priced intelligent lock products on the market, coupled with the insufficient understanding of the intelligent lock market, has led to many consumers still believe that the intelligent lock belongs to high-end consumer goods, by no means. At present, the smart lock market has been gradually adjusted after several rounds of adjustment.