What can I do if I don't open the locker? What can I do if I can't open the lock?

Everyone in order to ensure the safety of the property inside the house, sometimes they lock the valuable things inside the cabinet. When they go out, they lock not only the door, but also the cabinet. But sometimes if they lose it, they can't open the lock. What do you need to know if the cabinet can't be unlocked? At the same time, it is also necessary to know how to handle the lock.

What can I do if I don't open the locker? What can I do if I can't open the lock?

What can I do if I don't open the locker?

First, screw the screwdriver into the lock cabinet of the filing cabinet or locker, too big or too small. Hold the screwdriver in the pliers, rotate clockwise 90-100 degrees, hear a "bang" sound, so the lock opens, it is so simple. First you have to find the necessary tools, pliers and screwdrivers, special tips: must be a zigzag screwdriver, not too big.

Two, after opening, if you want to change a lock, you can contact the original iron cabinet manufacturers to buy locks. If there's nothing too important in a tin locker or filing cabinet, or if the locker door can be closed without changing the lock, teach a way to lock it, find an old key or something that can be inserted into the lock hole, you can lock and open the locker now.

What can I do if I can't open the lock?

First, adjust yourself. When you have a door that locks you back at home, you can fix the lock yourself if you know how it works. Then you can choose to use some simple tools, according to the reasons for the anti-lock, symptomatic treatment, you can open the door lock. If not, then you can check it online.

Two, find a lock company. If you're outside and you find the lock doesn't open and you can't do it yourself, you know you're going to open the lock company. The unlocking company specializes in locks, so it can certainly help you unlock them, but it takes a long time to wait for the unlocker.

Three, climb the window or take the key. Often it happens that you just go out and throw a piece of garbage and leave your keys at home. As a result, the door is closed because of the wind. If your window is open, try climbing into the house; if you can't get into the house with a burglar-proof window, think about where your keys are and whether you can get them through bamboo poles.

Four, search for passwords. If you can't unlock your suitcase, think about how your lock can't be unlocked. It is very likely that you accidentally changed the password and could not be opened. So, the way to die is to collect passwords one by one in a certain order.

Five, break with tools. Some of the locks are not very good, and the password is probably correct, but they just can't be opened. In this case, you can adjust the value of the password lock to the password you set, and then use the tool to separate the password lock's case. When you move a little bit, the lock will be opened.

Six, turn with wire. If you're the kind of simple cabinet lock that doesn't open and you don't have a key, you can choose to open it with wire. It is to extend the wire into the lock core of the key, then turn the wire so that the lock can be opened. This method is more useful for small cabinet locks.

Look at the cabinet lock for you described above can not open how to do, people should already know what method, directly to open the cabinet on the line, in addition to the lock can not open how to do, for different places choose the method is different, so as to achieve good results, because in the choice to open the lock Try not to destroy things.