Master lock must be certified: how to distinguish locksmith from normal?

"Professional unlocking, public security record," such small ads can be seen everywhere in many neighborhoods, some unlocking companies even said that they can unlock without looking at any certificate, and most claim that they have been filed in the Public Security Bureau.

"The key is locked inside the house. There is a small advertisement with a lock in the corridor." Citizen XX said, at that time more anxious also did not consider too much, made a phone call soon, the person who unlocked the company came.

After seeing the ID card, he quickly opened the door and took the money and left. Although the door opened smoothly into the house, but after the last experience, he said he would no longer contact the small advertising company, just look at the ID card is not sure if I am the owner of the house unlocked, which can be a great security risk. Neighbors or neighborhood committees, no matter how, should be determined after the owner of the house, or it is easy to risk.

At present, many unlocking companies in the market do not set up regular stores, all rely on small advertisements posted, through the telephone to contact business, designated unlocking personnel door unlocking. For staff recruitment and management, there is also a lot of randomness.

Therefore, industry insiders reminded the public, please unlock the company's services, the public should ask the other side to produce identity cards, business license or photocopy, and record to preserve. Before unlocking, the Unlocker should also register the customer's identity information and ask the neighbors around to confirm the owner of the house. It is better to have a third-party witness present when unlocking.

The unlocking service involves the safety of citizens'property and belongs to a special industry. Enterprises with unlocking business must register with the public security organ for the record after completing the industrial and commercial registration. According to the relevant provisions, the lock must be unlocked in the presence of the police or community workers and more than two neighbors. The public should find a licensed unlocking company and technical personnel with professional qualification certificates issued by the Department of Labor and Social Security.